We have been working hard to reduce our impact on the planet to ensure our holiday home is more sustainable and eco-friendly. We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental and social impacts.

To ensure that our guests understand our sustainability commitment, we have been assessed by Green Tourism to validate our practice. We are delighted to be awarded their Silver Award. This independent assessment brings reassurance that our holiday home is evidenced and authenticated. Green Tourism website

These are the things we have in place :
  • Recording and offsetting our carbon footprint. In 2023 our Carbon footprint =2.01 tonnes CO2e In 2022  = 2.131 tonnes CO2e In 2021 =2,248 tonnes CO2e
  • October 2023 we offset 10 tonnes of carbon footprint by having 3 trees planted by 'Make It Wild' an award winning family business. The trees allocated to Ironbridge View Townhouse are highlighted in green on our certificate, which you can see on this page.
  • We are a member of Green Tourism. Awarded Silver Green Tourism in March 2024 after our assessment
  • We revisit our goals every 6 months to update our progress and stay on track.
  • Help Shropshire hit its Net Zero carbon by 2030 
  • Arrange for our old furniture and bedding to be recycled 
  • Source locally for services and our supplies when ever possible.
  • Avoid travelling to meetings physically where video meeting alternatives such are available and practical.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into our business decisions.
 All the radiators are fitted with a thermostat so each room can have controllable temperature. 
The front door has a lovely thick curtain which you can pull across on a chilly evening. Cosy throws are on the sofa and armchair to make you feel relaxed and cosy.
Our electricity is from a supplier committed to 100% renewable energy. All of our light bulbs are LED throughout the house. The table lamps have day time LED light bulbs so brilliant for reading one of our lovely books or studying our local walking guides.
CLEANING PRODUCTS -  We use 'Miniml' products who supply a range of refillable eco products that are supplied in plastic bottles and are refilled. They are 100% vegan products, plant based formulas and cruelty free
Most of our appliances such as smart TV, Dishwasher, washing machine are already rated A +++ energy efficient. The smart TV has a eco sensor which adjusts the brightness of the tv automatically.
The other appliances will be replaced with A rated energy efficient when they need replacing. 
The toilet is dual flush with water efficient flushing. The shower has an eco friendly option
OUR LAUNDRY - We no longer use a laundry service firm for the bedding, towels at the townhouse . We do all the laundry ourselves and the laundry is line dried. Lined dried laundry not only smells fresher but more importantly conserves energy and helps to protect the environment by saving precious fossil fuels.
We don't use 'throw-away' mini bottles of shampoo, soap we provide larger recyclable or reusable bottles of branded shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath. We have managed to cut down on our plastic waste by 70%.
We have two bins, one labelled for all recycling, paper, cardboard, glass & tin and the other for all non recycling items.
The local shops are right on the door step so no need to jump in the car.. We have our very own bute shopping bag that our guests can use during their stay. If you prefer to arrange an online grocery delivery for your arrival day, please let us know and we will be able to arrange to be there to receive it for you, and have everything sorted before your holiday starts.
EATING OUT - Whatever food you're into, you'll find in one of our local restaurants, family run pubs and lovely tearooms. All on the doorstep, so no need for the car. Our guests information folder has a list of local restaurants and sample menu's  
LOCAL WALKS & ATTRACTIONS - No need to jump in the car everything is on the doorstep.
We are so lucky the house is in the perfect location and walking distance for pubs, family run restaurants, tearooms, food, antique, toy, boutique, gift shops  and most of the 10 Ironbridge museums . 
You will find lots of walking routes, guides in the lounge for a wonderful day out walking and places to eat out.
TELFORD T50  WALKING TRAIL IS ON OUR DOORSTEP Starts just over the Iron Bridge by the car park -  Telford T50
The 50 Mile Trail started in 2018 and goes through the major open spaces in Telford. It links together parks, woods, pools, nature reserves and open countryside with the World Heritage Site of the Severn Gorge, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and the many new and historic towns and villages that make up Telford.

You can start on the T50 walk in Ironbridge. The Trail is designed to make it easy to walk from any place in Telford with easy access points from estates and bus route. The trail has been divided into 7 stages, all of which can be walked at a pace to suit you.

ARRIVA BUS TIMETABLES -   for the latest information on bus services, numbers and timetables.
To work out your fuel cost Gocompare have designed a fuel price calculator and guidance to help plan your journey and cut down on fuel use.